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Many people misunderstand that coffee has its possible scent when in fact it only has that few after being roasted. Organizational left university at the third thing of studies, Mr. Trung Nguyen Gourmet Blend Balanced blend of Arabica, Robusta, Catimor and Excelsa coffee beans.

As for coffee-processing industry, in general, the investment of Trung Nguyen in high technology can be seen a technology innovation in processing coffee, compared to current handicraft and semiautomatic machinery nationwide.

Feb 07,  · Trung Nguyen Group Corp., Vietnam’s biggest coffee retailer, wants to buy bean roasters in the U.S. and open shops in Seattle, New York. Welcome to Trung Nguyen Online!

Important update about this website: When we first started this business, we sold only Trung Nguyen products, so we wanted the name of this website to contain the brand name "Trung Nguyen". In the earlythe first coffee shop of Trung Nguyen was launched at Sangi International Airport in Singapore.

The second coffee shop still was opened at famous Shopping Liang Court Center in this country in 19/11/ Trung Nguyen coffee is among leading beverage brands in my country. As I know, the company was established inamusingly by a group of medical students.

Just after a few years, they had a franchise network of more than 10, coffee shops in the country, and were also establishing several café outlets overseas.

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