Surrogacy legalisation in australia

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LGBT rights in Australia

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Fact sheet - International surrogacy arrangements

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This could be best accomplished through the decriminalisation of commercial surrogacy in Australia. Decriminalisation and the establishment of a strictly regulated system would better enable us to protect the interests and rights of the intending parents, surrogates, and children.

Surrogacy Laws in Australia are administered at a State level and there are wide variations in what types of surrogacy arrangements allowed in various states. For those intending to conduct their surrogacy in Australia, Altruistic Surrogacy is available in all states for heterosexual couples.

In Australia it's illegal to get paid to be a surrogate, but in practice it's not that simple. Finding a surrogate can be hard work for couples, and the journey is full of risks, according to Sam Everingham from the international advocacy and support group Families Through Surrogacy.

In gestational surrogacy, there is no direct genetic impact on the baby from the surrogate mother and there is no DNA from the surrogate mother to the baby. This is because the embryotic sack that the baby is in has already got the DNA from its’ mother and father through the in vitro fertilization procedure.

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I have made this comment before on Rod’s blog.

Surrogacy – Basics Of Surrogacy In Australia

The situation in Australia is that for some decades now, in a move led by post WW2 immigrants from Holland, many, many Christian Schools have been.

Surrogacy legalisation in australia
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