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Genographic Project

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Terms and Conditions for the Geno Next Generation Genographic DNA Ancestry Kits (Canadian and International Delivery) Thank you for your interest in the Genographic Project. The Y chromosome (Y-DNA) is a DNA structure found in the nucleus of a male cell.

Humans have 23 pairs of Chromosomes, 22 pair of autosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes, XX for females and XY for males.

The Y chromosome is passed on without recombination by a father to his sons. SNP. A SNP (Single-nucleotide polymorphism) happens when a single place in the genome sequence is altered.

Analyze your DNA raw data. Have your ancestry results from 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) or others? Download your DNA raw data and transfer or upload to our site.

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Transpacific Migrations

The Genographic Team has been in New Zealand this week, working with people of Pacific as well as European and other heritages to trace their genetic history.

Discover the complete story of your ancestors’ journey fromyears ago to today with National Geographic’s Genographic Project and our Ancestry DNA kit, Geno Genographic Project: Genographic Project, a nonprofit collaborative genetic anthropological study begun in that was intended to shed light on the history of human migration through the analysis of DNA samples contributed by people worldwide.

The project, which aimed to .

Genographic project
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